how much is office furniture birmingham!
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If you’re starting a new business or planning to refurnish your current office, one thing that can give a new look to your business is attractive office interiors. Furnishing your office with attractive and effective furniture can change your client’s opinion about you. Once the business starts expanding, and especially on growth stage, there’s the propensity to progressively improve the way you work, you should try to look more effective, credible, and efficient in your work.

Although a single table can cost you around £250.00 but you might also need screens, cable management, accessories, and pedestals to finalize an approximate price per person. Then add the price of necessities of reception, waiting rooms, breakout spaces, and meeting rooms. We advise you to gather total number of staff in your office and multiply with figures that are suggested. Office furniture vary from places to places, an approximate amount for the office furniture Birmingham are given below

· Basic range for compact offices: around £750 - £1000 per person

· Middle range: around £1000 - £1800 per person

· High range: around £1800 - £2500 per person

In case of additional furniture items, prices may increase per item.

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